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Effortless gliding: the world of inline skates awaits.
Effortless gliding: the world of inline skates awaits.

If skating is life, do it safely. Learn more about roller skating, and check out the training and events we have lined up for you. Experience skating and feed your thirst for an adrenalin rush.

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We’re InlineSkates, home to everything you like to know about roller skating. At this site, you can get help if you want to shop for the right ice-speed skates, inline skates, and quad and derby skates.

Our service doesn’t end with shopping. We can teach you how to skate! So get the gear, complete your equipment, and train with us. And we will show you how to ramp up on wheels safely and in style.


ARS, or American Roller Skating, is one of the most reputable organizations promoting roller skating. It’s a non-profit and membership-based association hoping to take skating up the Olympic pedestal. While it has been done before, the sport needs the help of groups similar to ARS that believe it can go farther. 

ARS is here to train coaches and officials to give their best effort in developing future athletes. The main goal here is to make roller skating among the top sports in the US (and maybe even in the world). Moreover, ARS values its members. Hence, they ask them to voice out their concerns and feedback. The organization is open to anything, praise or criticism, which will help strengthen the sport’s foundation.

Furthermore, ARS allows coaches to participate in the Society of Roller Skating Teachers Association (SRSTA) program. It enables access to references that will motivate the coaches and provide them with the latest trends in roller skating.

History of Roller Sports

The Origins of Roller Sports

Did you know that the 1700s marked the invention of the first roller skates? Roller skating has gained many followers despite not being as famous as basketball, football, or tennis. It became one of the most well-loved sports at the height of the worldwide pandemic in 2020.

French inventor M. Petitbled got the first patent for roller skates in 1819. His design was similar to inline skates these days, but it lacks the maneuverability feature. However, the original inventor of skates remains unknown.

In 2014, Nanjing’s Summer Youth Olympic Games first presented roller speed skating. It was here that the sport gained the spotlight it deserved. Consequently, it paved the way for more professional events to include the sport in their lineup.

The National Museum of Roller Skating

One must-go-to-place for roller skating enthusiasts is the National Museum of Roller Skating. The museum was established in 1980. The place presents the development of the sport through the years. They have items in the exhibit as old as the beginning of the 19th century.

If you want to check it out, you can find it in the same building as the USA Roller Sports. You will not miss it since it’s a historic building. It used to house a utility warehouse of the Lincoln Telegram and Telegraph Company.

Currently, the museum offers the most extensive collection of roller skating memorabilia, history, and publications. Moreover, it also has oral histories or memory-based recollections about the sport.

The Best Inline Skate Trails

In search of the most exciting but safe inline skate trails in the US? We’ve got a list and where to find them. So whether you are learning, practicing the sport, or an experienced skater, check the following skate trails. Aside from the space and smooth surface, these places are also safe. In these trails, you can focus on the sport and the experience. Have a blast!

  • NTC Park. Near Lorna Portal, CA, USA
  • Wetlands Wash North Trail. Near Whitney, NV, USA
  • Long Beach. Near Long Beach, CA, USA
  • Miami Beach. Near Miami Beach, FL, USA
  • West Bend Riverwalk. Near West Bend, WI, USA
  • NJ NY Last Day Trail. Near Fairview, NJ, USA
  • Conrock. Near Conrock, FL, USA