Thriving on wheels: the essence of American roller sports.
Thriving on wheels: the essence of American roller sports.

Roller sports involve using materials to roll on trails by gravity or other pushing methods. Furthermore, the sport uses ball bearings and wheels for traction and momentum. Additionally, there are devices that an athlete puts his weight on to advance on trails.

American Roller Sports is mostly about roller sporting events. Furthermore, the ARS (American Roller Skating) association has done well in developing roller sports. Additionally, the focus of the ARS is to train athletes, officials, and managers. The goal is to ensure that everyone is ready for tournaments. Meanwhile, the ARS strictly adheres to integrity and safety.

Artistic (Freestyle)

One of the skating lessons pioneered by the ARS is artistic roller skating. This sport is similar to figure skating. However, in artistic skating, the contestants wear roller skates. Additionally, there are other categories of artistic roller skating, including:

  • Figures
  • Freestyle
  • Duo free

We will focus on freestyle here. Hence, for freestyle artistic skating, the performer displays a solo routine. The move involves multiple jumps and spins based on background music. 

Meanwhile, only members of the AARS Facebook group can enjoy artistic roller skating. Additionally, after signing up for the scheme, you must learn the rules of the AARS. It confirms your profession as a skater.

Inline hockey

Another roller sport on the roaster of the ARS is inline hockey. Inline hockey, also known as inline roller hockey, is a type of hockey. This type of hockey happens on hard and smooth surfaces. Meanwhile, the contestants use skates to navigate. They also use ice hockey sticks to shoot and plastic pucks into opposition posts.

Furthermore, this fast and free-flowing roller sport is also a contact activity. Although, performers can’t body-check the opposition. Through its membership, you can be a part of inline hockey under the AARS. Additionally, you can also join the organization as a team member or as a coach. Finally, there’s also the official membership.

Outdoor Speed Skating

It is another enjoyable American roller sport. Furthermore, speed skating is a roller sport that allows athletes to perform based on time. Note that competitors must cross a particular distance over a specific time. Although speed skating is an Olympic-level sport, it can be a leisure activity. Note that skating is not only done outdoors. Meanwhile, there are different types of speed skating. The different types of speed skating include the following:

  • Ice skating marathon
  • Short-track speed skating
  • Inline speed skating
  • Quad speed skating

Additionally, speed skating is an outdoor roller sport. However, you can also do it indoors occasionally. When you do it indoors, roller skating is known as a leisure activity. Moreover, the American Roller Skating association can train you in outdoor speed skating. What’s more, it has competent trainers who can bring out the best in you. Hence, you can always depend on this organization. They can train you in all roller sports.

Inline Speed Skates

One of the roller sports taught by the ARS is inline speed skating. Speed skating skates are for speed. Meanwhile, besides teaching inline speed skating, it also sells inline speed skates. Inline speed skates give you confidence. Additionally, it helps experienced skaters move faster. Inline speed skating is also similar to inline ice skating. Hence, depending on the season, you will need sturdy inline speed skates.

Inline speed skating is one of the schemes introduced by the AARS. It is like the inline hockey training taught by them as well. As a result, you will learn about the sport. In addition, you will also get access to good inline-speed skates. To join the AARS, you must pick any membership type that meets your needs.