Who We Are

Skate enthusiasts united: inline skates define who we are.
Skate enthusiasts united: inline skates define who we are.

InlineSkates is your complete resource on anything about skating. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a pro. We’ve got all you need to know to have a safe glide and happy rolling. We can help you get the right gear and train like a pro! Indeed, we are not only a source of information.

Welcome to Roller Skating

If sporting tight-fitting shoes with wheels at the bottom excite you, wait until you turn that thought into reality. Roller skating provides a top-notch adrenaline rush. It is both a competitive and recreational sport. So you can go roller skating when you are serious about the sport or only want to learn something new.

The idea is to move on paved surfaces or rinks while wearing shoes with wheels. It encompasses many kinds of skating. In particular, they include figure skating, hockey, and speed skating. You can also level up your game by trying street-style extreme competitions. Furthermore, you can practice the sport while joining dancing competitions on roller skates. That is if you have the groove.

Roller Skating Equipment

Trust us to give you the best choices of skating equipment. We have a host of options for such equipment. Additionally, we have skating wheels that look like the spin in casinos. You can find them here and many others. Moreover, if you want other parts or tune-ups, we also have them for you.

Before shopping for equipment, you must know what you are looking for. What kind of skating do you want to try? Or what are your preferences when it comes to skates? Below are some critical factors to consider when buying roller skating equipment.


Good-fitting skates must be fit but not too tight. It has to be snug. Ensure that your toes don’t get pinched inside the shoes but only touch the end of the boot. Your heel must also fit comfortably into the heel pocket. Remember that it cannot be too tight or loose. Wearing the wrong boot size will result in painful blisters.


You can get an ABS or fixed brake when buying fitness or recreational skates. Both kinds are easy to maneuver since they are adjustable.

On the other hand, you won’t get skates with a brake when shopping for speed skates, aggressive skates, hockey skates, and freestyle skates.


Always choose the brand that offers durability and comfort. Quality roller skates have enough padding to keep your feet cushioned as you roll.

Aside from the roller skates, it is also vital that you get moisture-absorbent sports socks. The padding of the skates may get thinner over time. The socks will provide ample protection and comfort while ensuring you won’t have blisters while roller skating.

Roller Skating Services

InlineSkates offers training and coaching services for those who want to master their roller skating skills. We also have inline skate instructors who are masters in handling beginners to pros.

Contact us now or check our social media pages for more details and dates of our training programs. Don’t worry; we’ll help you find the right gear to make your training fun, easy, and worry-free.

We have more up in our sleeves, which gives you ample reasons to choose us as your skating buddy. Our experts will help you shop and train. Moreover, we can also deal with skate maintenance and troubleshooting. Trust our experts to pinpoint and fix a problem before it worsens and snowballs into more significant troubles.

Roller Skating Events

We advocate the sport of skating. For this reason, we host many tours to spread our love for the sport. You can also take part in our community advocacy projects and other events.