Popular Roller Skating Arenas in the USA

Roller skating, also known as inlines, remains a popular activity to this day. It is not overly expensive and is quite easy to get started with. As a result, there are plenty of arenas that host this activity regularly, especially in the USA, where roller skating has seen renewed popularity in recent years. Even some celebrities have become involved and purchased roller skating arenas and similar facilities.

Below, you can read more about various popular arenas in the USA and what you need to know about them. There are quite a few options, so we have listed some of the more notable ones in the country.

Well-liked Roller Skating Venues across the United States

Plenty of Options in the USA

There is no shortage of roller skating arenas in the USA. Part of this is due to the renewed popularity of roller skating in recent years, particularly through social media. The fact that Floyd Mayweather bought his own rink has certainly contributed further; you can read more about it below when we discuss his rink and its location.

Roller skating is a fairly simple activity to get started with, and you don’t need to be an expert to have fun at an arena. If you find yourself anywhere in the USA, you can probably find a good arena, but we recommend one of the ones we have listed below for the absolute best experience.

Lakeside Rink for Roller Skating in New York

In New York, you’ll find one of the country’s better roller skating rinks, which can also be used for much more than just roller skating. It consists of two separate rinks, one indoors and one outdoors. This provides more variety and means you can skate regardless of the weather or season. During the winter, the rink is used for ice skating and snowboarding.

Furthermore, the arena hosts a wide range of events, such as family nights or seasonal-themed events. If you plan to stay in New York for an extended period, you can get a season pass. This allows you to participate in lessons or plan your own events, such as birthday parties or similar gatherings.

Oaks Park Skating Rink in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, is a popular place, and it’s also where you’ll find one of the country’s better roller skating rinks. To start with, it’s one of the largest roller skating rinks in the country, which in itself makes it quite remarkable. Several days a week, they offer the rink to the public, and the rest of the time, it’s used for competitions. This has made Oaks Park Skating Rink one of the country’s most popular.

Live music is often played there as well, so you can roller skate to the tunes of a DJ, an orchestra, or similar. They mix it up quite a bit when it comes to the music, so there’s often something exciting to enjoy. For those who live in the area, you can arrange parties and private events at the rink.

Floyd Mayweather Owns a Rink in Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather is a famous boxer who has made quite a few headlines in recent years, and he’s probably not the first name that comes to mind when talking about roller skating, but here we are. In 2021, he purchased the rink known as Crystal Palace Skating Rink, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The rink covers 29,500 square feet and is one of the largest in Nevada, and especially in Vegas. Mayweather wanted to buy it to expand his real estate portfolio, which already includes other properties he has invested in. According to rumors, he had been interested in buying this particular rink for a long time, so it wasn’t an impulsive purchase on his part. If you’ve visited Crystal Palace Skating and feel like playing some slots or other casino games, it’s no more than a 15-minute car ride to all the lavish casinos on the Strip.

Chez-Vous Roller Skating Rink in Boston

Chez-Vous Roller Skating Rink is located in Boston and is the place to go if you want a disco roller skating experience. It’s one of the best options in the country for that, and it’s popular among families. So, it’s not just a place for adults; kids can have a lot of fun there too. This also means that the music their DJs play is very diverse, ranging from old classics to more modern options.

Sundays are the best for families, as it’s family day at the rink. The music is more tailored for young people during that time and is perfect for both kids and teenagers, but even parents can have a great time on Sundays. On Wednesdays, they have nostalgic nights for those who want something more old-school.

Just a Few of the Many Options

As you can see from our list, there is no shortage of options in the USA, no matter which state you plan to visit. Since it’s the USA, many of these arenas are very large and can accommodate large numbers of visitors, so these arenas are often on a completely different scale than what you find in much of Europe.

Roller skating is a lot of fun, and you can learn it fairly quickly, but you can usually get lessons at these rinks if you want them. Many of them also have special days when lessons are available for anyone who wants to learn.